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My Thoughts 02/07/20

My Thoughts on 02/07/2020 It was wonderful to have our church open for prayer yesterday. Many people called in especially

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My Thoughts 01/07/20

My Thoughts on 01/07/2020 On this first day of July we are at last able to have our church here in Canterbury

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My Thoughts 30/06/20

My Thoughts on 30/06/2020 The few times I have been by the Sea of Galilee or as it is known

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My Thoughts 29/06/20

My Thoughts on 29/06/2020 I read this on Twitter this morning. In response to the news that that we will

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My Thoughts 27/06/20

My Thoughts on 27/06/2020 In today’s Gospel we have the story of the Roman centurion asking Jesus to heal his

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My Thoughts 26/06/20

My Thoughts on 26/06/2020 What is the difference between Evangelisation and catechesis? When I started at was then the Christ

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My Thoughts 25/06/20

My Thoughts on 25/06/2020 When I was a chaplain to a HCPT Pilgrimage Trust group that took children to Lourdes

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My Thoughts 24/04/20

My Thoughts on 24/06/2020 When I stayed at the Coptic Orthodox Monastery in Wadi El Natrun in Egypt we were

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My Thoughts 23/06/20

My Thoughts on 23/06/2020 Here is a key saying of Jesus from today’s gospel. “So always treat others as you

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