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Let God Feed Us

Let God Feed Us In the Gospel reading for this Sunday there was a large crowd that had come to

Let God Feed Us2020-07-30T09:27:14+01:00

My Thoughts 25/07/20

My Thoughts on 25/07/2020 Today we celebrate the feast of St James, the first apostle to be martyred. He was

My Thoughts 25/07/202020-07-25T11:04:58+01:00

My Thoughts 24/07/20

My Thoughts on 24/07/2020 There is a difference between hearing and listening. We might walk into a room and hear

My Thoughts 24/07/202020-07-24T09:53:55+01:00

The Gift of Wisdom

The Gift of Wisdom With King David old and coming to the end of his life, he promises to confer his throne

The Gift of Wisdom2020-07-24T09:42:18+01:00

My Thoughts 23/07/20

My Thoughts on 23/07/2020 Yesterday I was called to the Intensive Care Unit at Kent and Canterbury Hospital to visit

My Thoughts 23/07/202020-07-23T09:10:52+01:00

My Thoughts 22/07/20

My Thoughts on 22/07/2020 Today is the feast of Mary Magdalene. On the stairs in the priest’s house is a

My Thoughts 22/07/202020-07-22T10:29:19+01:00

My Thoughts 21/07/20

My Thoughts on 21/07/2020 Today is the final day of school for year 6 at St Thomas of Canterbury Primary

My Thoughts 21/07/202020-07-21T09:45:47+01:00

My Thoughts 20/07/20

My Thoughts on 20/07/2020 If you type in the words “Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with your God”

My Thoughts 20/07/202020-07-20T09:57:59+01:00

My Thoughts 18/07/20

My Thoughts on 18/07/2020 On Monday our RCIA group (those adults preparing baptism and reception into the church) will be

My Thoughts 18/07/202020-07-18T09:27:11+01:00
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