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My Thoughts 05/04/20

My Thoughts on 05/04/2020 Today we begin our Holy Week journey. I would like to share with you a meditation

My Thoughts 05/04/202020-04-05T10:48:18+01:00

My Thoughts 04/04/20

My Thoughts on 04/04/2020 Tomorrow we begin Holy Week. During this week can I suggest several ways of praying. This Sunday

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Holy Week 2020

Holy Week 2020 Dear Friends in Christ. We are about to celebrate the Great week of our Salvation in Christ. In

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My Thoughts 03/04/20

My Thoughts on 03/04/2020 Please remember in your prayers today the soul of Maria Bryant. Fr Sylvester will be conducting her

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My Thoughts 02/04/20

My Thoughts on 02/04/2020 “Whoever keeps my word never see death,” we read in today’s gospel. We know that we will all

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My Thoughts 01/04/20

My Thoughts on 01/04/2020 Today we have an amazing image of the three young men who were thrown in the

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My Thoughts 31/03/20

My Thoughts on 31/03/2020 Yesterday our dear late Archbishop Peter Smith was buried in the crypt St George’s Cathedral surrounded

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My Thoughts on 29/03/2020

My Thoughts on 29/03/2020 It’s just after 5;30am this morning on Sunday 5th of Lent 29th March 2020. I have

My Thoughts on 29/03/20202020-03-29T16:29:31+01:00

I Miss You All

I Miss You All I miss you all. It was so strange celebrating Mass without you last Sunday. This is to

I Miss You All2020-03-26T22:06:01+00:00