My Thoughts on 07/07/2021

Today we hear how Jesus calls twelve of his disciples to be apostles. Those who he sends out. But he sends them out with his authority to deal with unclean spirits and with the power to cure and heal. They are to go to the lost sheep. The lost sheep are the harnessed and dejected people who are like sheep without a shepherd.

The twelve named were an unlikely bunch. Simon who became Peter, denied Jesus. The brothers James and John were known as the Sons of Thunder. Some suggest that they had a short fuse. Simon was a zealot ready to take up arms against the Romans. Matthew, the tax collector was a collaborator with the Romans.

All these differences melted away in the company of Jesus. Jesus has called each one of us like the apostles, not because of our outstanding qualities but because we willing to walk and talk in the name of Jesus. He sent the apostles out in pairs to show by the example what it means to live joyfully as a follower of Jesus.

Let us pray today that although we may be ordinary and flawed people we may have the confidence to say yes to be instruments of Christ’s healing and love. Lord help me to say yes today.

Canon Father Anthony Charlton
Canon Father Anthony CharltonParish Priest