My Thoughts on 28/11/2020

We have been tagged! Earlier this week someone decided to mark eleven buildings in the centre of Canterbury with their bright green mark. They included the presbyter, 59 Burgate. Not very pretty and an eye sore. Today is seen as form of vandalism. It got me thinking about why do people do this. It is very different from the artistic graffiti by Banksy. Someone is wanting to leave their mark and make their presence felt.

This reminded me that leaving a mark is not a new thing. Within the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem as you walk down the stairs leading to the Chapel of St Helena you can see hundreds of neatly carved crosses left by the Crusaders as a mark they had come on pilgrimage. In many cathedrals and ancient places of worship this seemed to a common for people mark their participation in pilgrimage. The local council are on the case as I write. Their special unit have removed the offending and unsightly marks with chemicals and pressure spray.

How do I leave my mark today? Here at St Thomas it can be by lighting a candle as I pray for those I love. I can leave my mark by my acts a kindness and thoughtfulness today. It could be letter written or phone made to say “you are in my thoughts and prayers”.

Canon Father Anthony Charlton
Canon Father Anthony CharltonParish Priest