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Canon Anthony Charlton Reverend Canon Anthony Charlton (Parish Priest)
  • To love, live and speak the truth 16/08/2019 - Many of us worry about what other people think of us. We want to be liked. We want to be accepted and part of the group. I don’t think anyone likes to be an outsider. Thus we might find ourselves self-censoring what we say to others so as not to offend or alienate them. If […]
  • The Assumption of Our Lady 09/08/2019 - This coming Thursday, 15th August, the feast of the Assumption in England is a Holy day of Obligation. It was only in 1950 that Pope Pius XII infallibly proclaimed the truth of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He wrote in his apostolic constitution “the Immaculate Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin, when the […]
  • Live! 02/08/2019 - The challenge for me in the gospel this weekend is to understand what Jesus is asking of me when he says that I need to make myself rich in the sight of God. God looks at me and knows I am rich not because I have made lots of money or that I come from […]
  • New Archbishop 30/07/2019 - This last Thursday the 11th Archbishop of our Diocese, John Wilson, was installed at our Cathedral of St George’s at Southwark.. It was a day of great joy and celebration. In his homily Archbishop John said that “if any of you are surprised of see me standing here today, then let me reassure you that […]
  • Mary or Martha? 20/07/2019 - The visit of Jesus to the home of his friends  Lazarus, Martha and Mary is a challenging and thought provoking incident in the gospel for us.  You often hear people ask “are you a Martha or a Mary?” Some say, ”It is all very well Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and Jesus saying […]
  • Pause – Be Still and Know that I am God 12/07/2019 - I have been reading a book written by Chris Chapman entitled “Earthed in God”. He uses his experience and love of gardening as a way of talking about spiritual growth. He says that his book rests on the understanding that God desires and works for our flourishing much as we do when we sow seeds […]
  • Sheep Among Wolves 06/07/2019 - In my former role as part of the team responsible for promoting religious education in the diocese I would  often meet with the staff of primary schools to help them formulate a mission statement for the school If you search on the internet for an answer to the question  “What is a Misson Statement ? […]
  • Earthware Jars 28/06/2019 - Each Month the Pope suggests an intention for our prayer. In June, his suggestion was as follows: “That priests, through the modesty and humility of their lives, commit themselves actively to a solidarity with those who are most poor.” Last Friday, the feast of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, Cardinal Vincent Nichols invited all […]
  • Corpus Christi – The Gift of the Eucharist 21/06/2019 - This weekend we are celebrating the Solemnity of Corpus et Sanguis Christi (The Body and Blood of Christ). This feast gives us the opportunity to recall the greatest gift of the Eucharist given to the Church by Jesus at the Last Supper. It stands at the centre of the Church’s life. Pope John Paul, in […]
  • Confirmation – Gifts of the Holy Spirit 15/06/2019 - Welcome This Sunday we are very pleased to welcome Archbishop Peter Smith who will be confirming our twenty young people at 11am Mass. It was only last Monday that it was announced that Pope Francis has appointed, Bishop John Wilson as his successor. Bishop John will be installed as the new Archbishop of Southwark on […]