Do you have a good reading voice? Have your friends told you that you ought to read at mass? Would you like to become a Reader? Reading the holy scriptures during the first half of the mass, the Liturgy of the Word, is a vitally important part of the entire mass. It is the Reader and not the priest or a deacon who proclaims the Word in the first and second readings on a Sunday: the Reader is the authorized layperson for this role.

It is a privilege to proclaim the Word of God since Catholics believe that Christ himself is present in the Word, since it is Christ himself who speaks when the holy scriptures are read in church.

As the CTS leaflet “Being a Reader at Mass” states: “Do remember, being a reader at Mass is a service to the liturgy, the Church and community, and requires a spirit of humility and fidelity, for which we should pray.”

Do not be shy about coming forward to the priest after mass and letting him know of your willingness to read.