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What is a Retreat?

A retreat is another way of committing a distraction-free time in which to search for a prolonged encounter with God. Many people attend a retreat when they feel that they are discerning a change in life, such as a vocation to Holy Orders, the consecrated life or marriage. Others find a retreat to be a helpful spiritual oasis after a prolonged busy period or during a time of particular difficulties.

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There are many retreat centres in the UK and around the world, but we are fortunate to have some excellent retreat centres locally. You can find more information on the Retreats section of the Archdiocese of Southwark Spiritual Commission.

If you would like to make a retreat but are unable to travel or have only a very limited amount of time, you may choose to create your own retreat. A good list of suggestions and advice can be found at Retreat Day. Some of us find solitude the best way to focus during a retreat. That said, others may discover it helpful to commit to a day or two to a day of prayer, silence, and reflection with a friend(s), (following a timetable in order to avoid social distractions). Sharing your retreat is a lovely way to deepen a friendship, as you openly explore your faith and discernment together, creating firm foundations for Christian encouragement through one’s relationships with the friends who are on retreat with you.

For more information about Parish Retreats, please speak to one of our Priests or contact the Parish Office on