Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Who is it for?

  • Adults who want to become Catholic
  • Catholic adults who want to make their First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation

Come and See

Have you thought about becoming a Catholic? Or have you been baptised as a Catholic but not yet completed your Sacraments of Initiation (First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation).

RCIA* – ‘Our Journey in Faith’ is a course that begins with a period of enquiry, from which those who choose to go further engage in a period of preparation to come into full communion with the Catholic Church.

If you are interested, please download the form below and submit to the Parish Office or email it to canterbury@rcaos.org.uk.  The Parish Priest will then contact you to arrange a meeting.

Attending sessions does not mean you are under an obligation to undergo Baptism and Confirmation, rather it is an opportunity to learn. What it offers you is an introduction to the beliefs, customs, practices, and devotions of Catholicism.