Project Description


Our music is the key to our worship here at St. Thomas’. We have some wonderful opportunities for everyone to get involved and to find a group that suits your preferences.

All our groups come together for major feasts including Christmas and Easter celebrations and all of them welcome new members.

No previous musical experience is required, just a willingness to give it a go!

Ben Saul is our Director of Music and can be contacted via


Sunday 9.30 am Mass

Our 9.30 am Mass Folk Group play on the 1st, 3rd and (when there is one) the 5th Sunday of the month. The music is varied with both traditional and more recent compositions. If you can hold a tune in your head or on an instrument, then please come and join us, we really would be delighted to have you. A brief practice begins before Mass at 9.00 am.

Contact Mike Lilford or John Renn via the Parish Office.

The Youth Band plays at 9.30 am Mass on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.

Sunday 11.00 am Mass

An enthusiastic and committed group of singers and instrumentalists lead the music at this Mass which offers beautiful choral music from ancient to modern! Friday night is practice night, so please join us at 7.00 pm until 8.30 pm, no previous experience required.
Contact: Ben Saul via

Sunday 6.00 pm Folk Mass

This is our Folk Mass and we meet at 5.30 pm to rehearse each week and then support the rest of the congregation as we sing during Mass. There are occasional practices at other times such as before Easter or Christmas. We aim for an inclusive selection of music that encourages all to participate.

Why We Do It

It’s fun! We become more involved in the Eucharistic Celebration and offer a service to others. There is a social aspect and we have barbecues, meals, even walks.

How to Join

Just come and say ‘hello’ after 6.00 pm Sunday Mass.

Children’s Music

We welcome all young people to be part of our worshipping community through using their musical talent. We hope in 2020 to encourage and develop our young people’s musical talents much more.

If you are interested look out for the newsletter for further information or contact: Ben Saul via