Project Description


The Eucharist is for all baptised Catholics. If you are in any doubt if you are allowed to receive communion, then talk to one of our Priests prior to the Mass.

The First Communion (and First Confession) programme is led by four Catechists and supported by Fr. Anthony. Lessons are scheduled on Sundays at 9.00 am so that children can also take part in the 9.30 am Mass. The book we use for children is “I Belong” by Redemptorist Publications and is available from St Thomas Bookshop.

If you would like further information then contact Annie Kean via the Parish Office or email: Otherwise, you can download the registration form below for the 2021 First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Programme. Please note that, as yet, there are no confirmed dates for any aspect of the programme (except the return of forms no later than Sunday, 10th January 2021) – these dates will be confirmed by Canon Anthony when they are available.

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