Project Description

Communications Committee

We have been working hard during the lockdown to develop our online presence – we have a new camera to livestream our services 24/7 and the Parish Newsletter is now delivered directly to the mailboxes of anyone who has subscribed to our eNewsletter. We have also added a new ‘Donate‘ button which goes to a Just Giving page so that funds can be raised for the Parish more easily.

Work has been delayed on the Alpha course but we hope to develop and promote it online in the next few months.

We are always looking for people who would like to write content and/or develop the Parish presence on Social Media so if you have any knowledge in this area, or would like to help out, please contact us.

Feedback is also welcome at this email address.

Many thanks to Ghazwan Butrous for his remarkable contribution in building and maintaining the first Parish website over 20 years ago. Ghazwan has stepped back from the day to day management of the website.


Paul Spratley.


Catherine Spratley, Christine Robinson, Isabel Mead.

Parish Photographer:

Mike Slattery. A gifted wedding photographer, Mike is our “official” photographer for the Annual Open-Air Mass. He can be reached at

Pictures Editor & Archivist: