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Through Baptism we are given the gift of eternal life and we become part of the family of God. The ideal day for celebrating Baptism is Sunday. This can be done during Mass or in the afternoon. To set a date for the baptismal rite and to help you understand the essentials and the responsibilities you need to complete our Baptismal Form (download below) and arrange a meeting with the Parish Office.

Click Here to Download Baptism Form

There is a preparation session for parents once a month.

If, as an adult, you are already baptised in another Church, or that you are not baptised and wish to become a Catholic, please go to Becoming a Catholic.

Choosing Godparents

During the baptismal liturgy, parents and godparents promise to raise the newly baptised in the Catholic faith so godparents must be practising Catholics. Generally, there are two godparents (one godfather and one godmother) and both must be 16+ years. If parents, or adults undergoing baptism, wish a non-Catholic to participate, then you must still have one Catholic godparent.

If you are interested in helping in a programme of preparation for Baptism, supporting parents and godparents as they prepare for the Baptism of their child or godchild, then please go to Volunteering.