Mass Intentions

The Mass is the greatest act of worship we can ever take part in. Every Mass is offered for ‘the peace and salvation of all the world’ (Eucharistic Prayer 3). However, we can also have Mass offered for a DSC_0009-1500 - Copy (2).jpgparticular person, or intention. That person, or intention, then benefits in a special way from the Mass celebrated for them. We can have Mass said for someone who has died (for the repose of their soul), or for something living – perhaps someone who is sick, or anxious. Of course we can also have Mass said on joyful occasions – perhaps for a special anniversary, or in thanksgiving.

If you would like Mass to be said for someone, or for any special intention, ask at the parish office. We have also some envelopes marked ‘MASS INTENTION’, which are available at the back of church, and which you can use if you wish. Inside the envelope place (1) the name of the person or intention Mass is to be offered for, (2) your own name (3) the date you would like the Mass to be said, (4) the stipend. Then simply hand the envelope to one of the priests, or drop it into the office.

PLEASE NOTE: it is possible that the date you have asked for may already be taken, in which case we will arrange for the Mass to be said on the nearest available date. By looking in the newsletter you can see when your Mass is coming up – intentions are always published one week in advance.

It is usual to make an offering whenever asking for a Mass to be said – this is called the ‘stipend’.





Mass intentions are offered for deceased relatives and friends as well as for intercessions for the living.