Today is the one Sunday of the year we speak about finances at our Masses. We would like to say one big thank you for all that you give financially to our parish. The appeals of the last few years have seen our weekly giving rising, and being sustained, at those levels. Our second collections are always generously funded. Please keep this up! Thank you.

We will be saying more on Gift Aiding in March as the new envelopes are given out. We currently get £20,000 a year refund from HMRC – we could double that if everyone who already gives and who pays tax would gift aid their donations. Please consider this and sign up – it really is painless! Thank you.

We are very blessed with an active social committee and other generous helpers who have raised welcome funds with curry and quiz nights, the Christmas Fair and other events and activities that brought us together as a parish as well as raised money. Thank you.


One of the things we have to do as a church is publishing our annual financial accounts. Summary copies of these for 2018 are in the narthex and are also available online on our website. The big Noticeboard at the back of the church (  or you can download it here Finance Sunday 2019) also has more details. What we have also done this year for the first time for a while is show the budget forecast for what we think we will receive and what we think we will spend.

You will notice we are forecasting a potential loss for 2019. We want to be able to fund parish events and ensure the buildings are kept in good repair so ideally want to keep a reserve for the usual rainy day.

We want to thank especially those parishioners who have been particular generous in the last year. Their gifts funded these useful brass hand rails on the sanctuary steps, paid for a large part of the new kitchen in the Presbytery and helped us enormously with heating costs when the boiler broke down a couple of months ago. We are very blessed!

We have made considerable savings this year in examining our heat, light and telephone costs and will continue to try and make savings on our other outgoings.

We still need your Time & Talent as well as Treasure

The many Ministries – detailed in our Parish Directory – show that we do give time growing our faith and welcoming all. However – just as we said last year – it does tend to be the same people who constantly give their time. Thank God for this but many of these people have even more lines on their faces than they did last year…

Specifically this year we are calling on anyone who is skilled at painting, decorating, carpentry or general handy-person skills. If you have time to give us we need you! Please let the Parish Office know if you can help.

So what next…..?

The big project for 2019 we hope will be the re-ordering of the Narthex. Further details will be given when we know we can go ahead with this definitely. The plan is to make the space more open and welcoming with automatic doors which will help keep the Church warm and be more accessible for all.

So one big final thank you…..for all you give and listening today.