My Thoughts 01/03/21

My Thoughts on 01/03/2021 Happy feast day to all who are Welsh or who have welsh blood as we celebrate

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My Thoughts 27/02/21

My Thoughts on 27/02/2021 We hear today some of the most challenging words of Jesus. “You have learnt how it

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My Thoughts 26/02/21

My Thoughts on 26/02/2021 In today's Gospel Jesus warns us against anger. I think you can have a calm and

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My Thoughts 25/02/21

My Thoughts on 25/02/2021 Today here in Canterbury we are remembering the first Anglo Saxon king to become Christian. His

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My Thoughts 24/02/21

My Thoughts on 24/02/2021 The Book of Jonah has only four chapters and one of the shortest books in the

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My Thoughts 23/02/21

My Thoughts on 23/02/2021 In my many years I have amassed countless books on prayer. Now I have a Kindle

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My Thoughts 22/02/21

My Thoughts on 22/02/2021 I took Peter as my confirmation name. I was only eight years old and I am not sure

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My Thoughts 20/02/21

My Thoughts on 20/02/2021 In today's gospel Jesus reminds us that it is not the healthy that need the doctor but

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My Thoughts 20/02/21

My Thoughts on 20/02/2021 Fasting is part of our Lenten practise. We sometimes fast to lose weight and get fit.

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My Thoughts 18/02/21

My Thoughts on 18/02/2021 At a Primary school where I was parish priest there was a complete overhaul of the

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