My Thoughts 23/11/20

My Thoughts on 23/11/2020 In the short gospel today we see Jesus watching as people put money into the temple

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My Thoughts 21/11/20

My Thoughts on 21/11/2020 Today is the feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple. The feast dates back

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My Thoughts 20/11/20

My Thoughts on 20/11/2020 In my first parish I remember a young man being very indignant that we had set

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My Thoughts 19/11/20

My Thoughts on 19/11/2020 This week's BBC Radio programme ‘All in the Mind’ reported that 55,000 people took part in

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My Thoughts 14/11/20

My Thoughts on 14/11/2020 Here is an important message for us today, especially at this time of pandemic. Don’t lose

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My Thoughts 18/11/20

My Thoughts on 18/11/2020 Last night we had our second session for our new RCIA group and had an introduction

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My Thoughts 17/11/20

My Thoughts on 17/11/2020 Most of us have seen a copy of William Holman Hunt's painting “The Light of the World”, representing

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My Thoughts 16/11/20

My Thoughts on 16/11/2020 If you walk past the Grotto at Lourdes towards the baths, to cross over the bridge

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My Thoughts 13/11/20

My Thoughts on 13/11/2020 I would like to thank everyone who sent kind messages on the occasion of my significant

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My Thoughts 12/11/20

My Thoughts on 12/11/2020 When I was a newly ordained priest I became a chaplain to a small Young Christian

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