My Thoughts on 18/08/2021

A common misunderstanding we find in some Catholics and Christians is that: “God will reward me if I am good”. “I need to earn my place in heaven.” “I need to work hard at my prayer and then God will be good to me and like me, love me and be kind to me.”

Jesus’s parable of the workers hired to work in the vineyard that is today’s gospel, challenge us. The Landlord pays a good wages to those who have worked all day and also pays the same amount to those who have worked for only one hour. Here Jesus is declaring that God is full of mercy and generous in his love. God wants all his people to experience the kingdom of God. It wasn’t the workers fault that they were only hired at the end of the day.

As Tom Wright says his commentary on this passage:

“It is important to remember that God has made a covenant of love with us in which he promises us everything and asks us everything in return. When he keeps his promises, he is not rewarding us for our efforts, but is doing what comes naturally to his overflowing generous nature.”

Why be envious of the generosity of God? None of us deserve God’s grace and blessing. Let us be thankful that the Lord is generous.

Canon Father Anthony
Canon Father AnthonyParish Priest