My Thoughts on 15/02/2021

We are continuing to read from the book of Genesis at daily Mass. Today we have the story of Cain and Abel. Cain,who was jealous that his brother Abel’s offering seems to be more acceptable to God, kills him. When asked by God where is Abel, Cain answers: “Am I my brothers keeper.” He committed fratricide because he is consumed with jealousy.

This is a powerful emotion. How do we deal with it? Emotions are neither good or bad. They are part of us. Things come unstuck when we allow these feeling to dictate our words and actions. It is important to grow strong in our awareness of our own intrinsic value. Our meaning or worth doesn’t depend on others think of us or our status. A strong emotion such as jealousy needs to be understood. We need to face and confront these feeling and in ask for the grace to see ourselves as God sees us.

Loving Father, help me to deal with jealousy which I know can be very detrimental, to my well-being, my health and my relationships. Keep me from looking at the attributes and achievements of others and wishing I had their gifts and graces. Help me Lord to develop an attitude of contentment and peace, which I know only comes from You. Forgive me when I allow my feelings of jealousy to overwhelm me and help me to develop an attitude of gratitude for all that I am and all that I have.

Canon Father Anthony
Canon Father AnthonyParish Priest