My Thoughts on 01/01/2021

Early this morning as I left the Church, I met the first person in 2021. He was a rough sleeper who camped across the road from me. I greeted him with a cheery “Good morning”. He looked at me as he walked past and said in reply, “You are a waste of space.” Taken aback, my reply to him was “Good morning – anyway.”

This encounter was good for the soul and good for my humility. I wondered what is God saying to me through this encounter. I know that our words should build up rather than knock down. This isn’t always easy if we are angry or hurt. The first words we utter when we pray the Prayer of the Church are: “Lord, open our lips. And we shall praise your name.”

Lord help me in my speech to praise your name with words that encourage and help me to to discern when to listen and when to speak.

Canon Father Anthony
Canon Father AnthonyParish Priest