My Thoughts on 15/12/2020

Yesterday after an initial struggle with the technology (I haven’t quite mastered Microsoft Teams) I was virtually present at our Primary Schools Penitential services for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

It was so good to see the children. Together we made our Advent preparation for the upcoming celebration of the Christmas season by reflecting on what keeps us in the dark and prevents us for recognising Jesus and opening our hearts to him.

Tomorrow in the parish we are having a Penitential service and last Sunday afternoon for the first time, some of our Confirmation Candidates came together for the first time and had the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance before they receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit next Sunday.

As I find some time today I will reflect the areas of darkness in my life that need the light of God’s healing forgiveness. Here are some questions I will ask myself.

  • Knowing how much God loves me, have I pursued my relationship with him wholeheartedly?
  • Have I turned to the Lord in prayer or Scripture every day?
  • Has my use of language in everyday life enhanced my relationship with God or driven a wedge between between the Lord and me?
  • Has my preoccupation with material things became something that blocks my way to God?
  • Have certain of my relationship become a burden because I have harboured hurts.
  • Do I hold resentments towards others?
  • How generous am I with my time, my material goods and love?
  • Am I prepared to come out of my comfort zone to give practical help to those in need?
  • Has my way of looking at others been crooked, ignoring the life of God in them and valuing them for what they could give me?
  • Have I allowed pride to blind me to the worth of those who don’t agree with me?
Canon Father Anthony Charlton
Canon Father Anthony CharltonParish Priest