My Thoughts on 25/05/2020

On this Bank Holiday we are on the fourth day of our Novena to the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray for a renewal of the gift of Courage or Fortitude, in our lives. We know that if we say Yes to being a disciple of Jesus and walk with him then life will not necessarily be easy or pain free. The path Jesus took led him to the Cross. If we embrace the call to love God and love others we sometimes have to make difficult choices, somethings to endure ridicule and lose friends. It means that we cannot go through life trying to please everyone.

Fortitude is the gift that enables us to act with love and compassion even when we are afraid, even in the face of tragedy and in the face of death. In this time of pandemic it is essential that we pray for an increase in this gift of courage or fortitude.

Come Holy Spirit, fill me anew with your gift of courage. Help me to see that life’s sufferings and troubles will not last. By your gift of courage may I face each new day with the determination to act in all things with love.
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Canon Father Anthony Charlton
Canon Father Anthony CharltonParish Priest