Confirmation – Gifts of the Holy Spirit


This Sunday we are very pleased to welcome Archbishop Peter Smith who will be confirming our twenty young people at 11am Mass.

It was only last Monday that it was announced that Pope Francis has appointed, Bishop John Wilson as his successor. Bishop John will be installed as the new Archbishop of Southwark on the feast of St James, 25th July at our Cathedral of St George. This is a great opportunity for us all to thank Archbishop Peter for his 9 years of selfless and unstinting service to our diocese as the chief shepherd. It is great to have him with us for this celebration of confirmation.

When I see our young people coming forward to be anointed by the Archbishop my heartfelt prayer will be that the Spirit they receive today will lead them to experience something of joy of God that is expressed in the reading from Proverbs in Mass today. May they realise that their existence delights God. May they come to know God not as a abstract philosophical principle but as a family of intimate relationships, creating, playing and drawing delight. As one writer asked: “Does playfulness feature in your concept of God?”  What about that saying from Julian of Norwich “God is my maker, my unhindered and my lover”?

Please do pray for them today and as they go forward as fully initiated members of Christ’s Church.

They are:

  • Travis Tasker, Kamlotachi Diugwu,
  • Hermione Espenilla, Geoffrey Giron,
  • Thomas Long-Castro, Leandro Ramos,
  • Vincent Dawson, Nwomiko Diugwu,
  • Katie Pereira, Kiona Henly,
  • Alice Summers, Brannagh Robinson,
  • Jadon Pereira, Alwinbenito Sathiendra,
  • David Seunarine, Olivia Yeung,
  • Guiseppe Morelli, Manuschaqueen Sathiendra,
  • Zea Vital, Henrique Zanlorenze

God our Father complete the work you have begun and keep the gifts of the Holy Spirit alive in the hearts of these young people. Make them ready to live his Gospel and eager to do his will. May they never be ashamed to proclaim to all the world Christ crucified, living and reigning for ever and ever.

Canon Father Anthony Charlton
Canon Father Anthony CharltonParish Priest