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Canon Anthony Charlton Reverend Canon Anthony Charlton (Parish Priest)
  • Endings and beginnings 16/11/2018 - The Christmas lights were switched on this last Friday in Canterbury.  Preparations for Christmas are now upon us and we have 35 days before the beginning of the Christmas season. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  This Sunday and next Sunday in the Liturgy we consider the end of time and readings from the […]
  • Lest We Forget 09/11/2018 - This Sunday, 11th November, is Armistice Day and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. Nowadays, we remember those who were lost in the war by holding a two-minute silence and by wearing a red poppy.  […]
  • The Word of God 02/11/2018 - On Wednesday night Fr Sylvester and I were at the Mass of Welcome of Fr Hans Puthiakulangara as the Pastoral Administrator of the parish St Simon Stock, South Ashford.  He was asked a series of questions by Monsignor Matthew Dickens the Chancellor of the Diocese.  The first was  “It is the duty of the priest […]
  • All Hallow’s Eve 25/10/2018 - Happy Halloween?  We have seen the costumes and the accessories in the shops for weeks reminding us that Wednesday is commercially known as Halloween. I am not sure what we are wishing people when we say Happy Halloween.  Since I was a boy this day has become more sophisticated. We used to have games such […]
  • A Ministry of Service 19/10/2018 - Painfully at this time in the Church we are having to deal with sexual abuse of children by some priests.  We need to give priority to the special pastoral care to all those effected by this abuse. This abuse has changed many peoples attitude towards priests.  There are those who say that abuse has been […]
  • Holiness is a call to all 12/10/2018 - This Sunday at the Mass in St Peter’s Square, the Pope Francis will be adding Archbishop Oscar Romero, the martyred bishop of San Salvador, to the list of saints. Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini) will also be added. These two names are alongside two diocesan priests and two religious sisters: a German and a […]
  • Unbinding Ourselves 06/10/2018 - I was visiting Oxford last week and went to the chapel of  New College. In the antechapel under the West window depicting a nativity scene based on a design by Sir Joshua Reynolds stand a large sculpture of Lazarus by Jacob Epstein that he carved in 1951. It stands about 12 feet high. It is said […]
  • Belonging to Christ or the Rubbish Dump 28/09/2018 - Do I belong to Christ or do I belong to the rubbish dump of life? This is a question that Sylvester O’Flynn O.F.M. Cap.posed in his reflection on this Sunday’s gospel. Mark’s gospel gives us some challenging imagery of cutting off hands, feet, tearing out eyes should they cause us to sin.   Jesus is not advocating […]
  • What is True Greatness? 22/09/2018 - Attitudes have changed since the time of Christ to children.  In first century Palestine society a child would symbolise not so much innocence, as a lack of social status and legal rights. In other words, a child was seen as a non person, totally dependant on others for nurture and protection. You were not expected to […]
  • Knowing more about the Catholic Church 07/09/2018 - As the memories of our holidays begin to fade, (if we ever went on holiday) term has started at school, College and University for children and young people. September is, for us at St Thomas of Canterbury parish, an opportunity to remind you of the opportunity for those who have never been baptised, those who […]