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Canon Anthony Charlton Reverend Canon Anthony Charlton (Parish Priest)
  • What is True Greatness? 22/09/2018 - Attitudes have changed since the time of Christ to children.  In first century Palestine society a child would symbolise not so much innocence, as a lack of social status and legal rights. In other words, a child was seen as a non person, totally dependant on others for nurture and protection. You were not expected to […]
  • Knowing more about the Catholic Church 07/09/2018 - As the memories of our holidays begin to fade, (if we ever went on holiday) term has started at school, College and University for children and young people. September is, for us at St Thomas of Canterbury parish, an opportunity to remind you of the opportunity for those who have never been baptised, those who […]
  • Living the Gospel 30/08/2018 - I am writing this while with a HCPT Pilgrimage Summer group in Lourdes. I have missed all the news coverage of Pope’s visit to Ireland but from what I have seen on the internet, the secular press have concentrated on the issue of child abuse both in Ireland and the recent disturbing revelations in the […]
  • How to response to abuse in the Church 23/08/2018 - Pope Francis has responded to new reports of clerical sexual abuse and the ecclesial cover-up of abuse by writing an impassioned letter addressed to the whole People of God. In this letter he calls on the Church to be close to victims in solidarity, and to join in acts of prayer and fasting in penance […]
  • Priest and People 18/08/2018 - I announced at all Masses last weekend that a new priest had been appointed as assistant  in our parish. I learnt last Wednesday that the particular priest  was not now going to come.”Plans had changed, “ I was told. Since then the Chancellor of the Diocese has managed to find a find a religious order […]
  • Food for the Journey 11/08/2018 - The Angel gives Elijah food to reach the Mountain of God               1 Kings 19:4-8   The first reading from the Book of Kings at Mass this weekend is a favourite reading of mine. Elijah had come off worse in his confrontation with Jezebel and so fled in the wilderness. He sat down under furze bush (broom […]
  • Archbishop Oscar Romero to be made a saint 09/03/2018 - Last Wednesday it was announced that Pope Francis has approved a miracle attributed to Blessed Oscar Romero, the murdered Archbishop of San Salvador. This will mean that he will now be canonised as a Saint of the universal Church. This is good news for us as a Parish because in the martyrs chapel we have […]
  • The joy of forgiveness 01/03/2018 - On St Patrick’s Day(17th March)  this year our children who are preparing for First Reception of the Eucharist will be celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  We have always in the past talked about “going to confession.”  The late Hugh Lavery wrote that the words “Confession and Penance lay the accent in […]
  • Silence in our life 03/11/2017 - Last month on BBC 4 there were three excellent programmes entitled “Meditations from a monastery.”  These had no spoken commentary and the hour-long programme followed the routines of certain monks in each of the three monasteries. What struck me was the silence in their lives, Silence was a key part of their life. The first word […]
  • The 500th anniversary of the beginning of the reformation 13/10/2017 - This Sunday afternoon I am representing the Archbishop, Peter Smith in the Luther Quincentenary Choral Evensong being held in Canterbury Cathedral. The last day of October is the 500th anniversary of the occasion when Martin Luther, a German Augustinian monk wrote to the Archbishop of Mainz, Albert of Magdeburg. He criticised the way the St […]